Meagan Mahoney

Meagan grew up in Ottawa, Canada and spent her childhood lost in stories. She read and wrote – and even ‘self-published’ a few books (with homemade wallpaper covers and all!). She dreamed of being a writer.

But she had another dream too. A BIG one. Her dream of being a doctor was so big, it swallowed all the other dreams for a long, long time. Years later, as a mom of three and a busy pediatrician, she sat to write a speech for her sister’s wedding. It became a poem, and unleashed her long-lost love of writing. Meagan wrote poems for her children’s birthdays and then a novel for her daughter. That novel became Meranda and the Legend of the Lake which was published by Owlkids Books in the Fall of 2021.

So now, Meagan gets to be both: doctor and author!

She lives, writes, works and explores in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and three adventurous children.

Meagan is represented by Elizabeth Bennett at Transatlantic Agency.

Photo: Sally Adams

By Meagan Mahoney

Meranda and the Legend of the Lake

Anne of Green Gables meets Song for a Whale with a touch of Nancy Drew  |  Publisher: Owlkids 2021

Eleven-year-old Meranda thought her life was complicated enough with physical challenges (she uses crutches to walk) and her helicopter parents. But when her great-uncle Mark dies, Meranda and her family visit Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where her parents grew up and where she hasn’t been since the age of three. Soon, secrets begin to unfold: Why does the newspaper headline say her great-uncle Mark’s death was suspicious? Why do strangers keep calling Meranda “miracle baby”? Why does her usually calm mother seem so panicky and scared? And what on earth does all this have to do with mermaids? Meranda and her new friend, Claire, decide to investigate on their own. But as Meranda begins to separate fact from fiction, she finds herself in very real danger … With an intriguing mystery afoot, and a strong-willed, resilient heroine at the helm, this mythical maritime novel celebrates coming of age and growing into yourself.


Dark family secrets, hints of magic, and a very tidy resolution after pleasing thrills


Book Reviews


“Mahoney’s debut novel combines the fantastical and contemporary to create an accessible story for young readers … An intriguing mystery set in the mythical backdrop of a coastal Canadian town, starring an unstoppable girl driven by curiosity and her adventurous nature.”

Quill & Quire

“The complexities of grief and fear are thoughtfully explored — a realistic ebb and flow to the familial relationships.”

Canadian Review of Materials

“Meranda is a fully developed and courageous character who will appeal to young readers. She is intelligent and adventuresome, and she faces her physical challenges with strength and grace”–Highly Recommended


Forest of Reading Silver Birch Award Nominee 2023

Violet Downey Book Award For Children's Literature - Shortlist 2022

R. Ross Annett Award for Children's Literature - Finalist 2022

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